Booking terms & conditions

  1. The Client must leave a deposit of 50% of the total price at the time of reservation, and the remaining 50% of the rental price must be paid one (1) month before arrival. Reservations made one (1) month or less in advance of the arrival date will require a 100% prepayment.
Once the Client has late payments corresponding to the total amount of the aforementioned lease, the deposit will not be returned and the Contract will be cancelled.
All cancellations must be notified in writing by email to Villa Marina Properties S.A.U. (,, or in advance.
If cancelled at any time after making the reservation, the prepayment is non-refundable. Cancellations made one (1) month or less prior to the arrival date will incur a charge of 100% of the total price.
The amount will be deducted from the amount already paid and the remainder will be returned to the Client within 90 business days after the date of cancellation of the reservation or by termination of the Contract. In case of not notifying the Owner of the cancellation of the Contract, the amount previously paid will not be returned.
Changes to the reservation are not allowed.
Please note that COVID-19 is no longer considered a force majeure event, so we strongly advise all our guests to consider taking out insurance against any trip interruptions.
  1. The Client is in charge of the integrity of the Villa, of the furniture, belongings that are in the Villa from the day of arrival, as well as the state of the Villa, including but not limited to, walls, sanitary and any other element.
The Client agrees to return everything in the same conditions at the end of the lease. The Client undertakes to deliver them in the same state in which they were received and indemnify the Owner if they deteriorate due to misuse of these, with the amount determined by the Owner.
It is expressly prohibited to carry out works of any kind on the property by the client, as well as the substitution or change of furniture and belongings in it.
In the event that the Client needs any particular item, he will consult with the Owner and he will consider the need.
The client must not, in any way, make a copy of the keys of the rented house.
The Client agrees to:
- Return the home in perfect condition.
- Make convenient and responsible use of the means at your disposal (heating, air conditioning, etc.), as well as household appliances and home furniture.
- Notify the owner, as soon as possible, in case of incident such as a breakdown, damage or accident that could occur in the home.
- Not disturb the neighbours.
  1. The property subject to lease must be destined solely and exclusively to be used as a lease for private use per season.
  1. At the time of arrival, the Client delivers the copy of his credit card, authorizing with it that in the case of any damage that harms the rented property or the company, the charge will be made on the credit card credit for the corresponding amount, previously justifying the cost of damage to the property.
In this case, the withdrawal is made only with the written agreement of both parties.
  1. The consumption of electricity, during the time of the lease and according to the state of the meters at the beginning and at the end of the lease, as well as the ordinary and extraordinary community fees, the Real Estate Tax, as well as the rest of the Municipal Taxes will be for Owner's account. The basic home insurance will also be paid by the owner. Cleaning before arrival and after departure will be paid by the Owner.
  1. The client undertakes to allow access to the property to the owner, as well as to the operators or industrialists, where appropriate, commanded by him, to supervise the state of conservation of the property and carry out the repairs that may be necessary.
  1. The expenses caused by unblocking will be borne by the Client.
  1. Subletting is strictly prohibited, whether in whole or in part, as well as the transfer of the rented property by the client. Failure to comply with this clause will be cause for termination of the agreement immediately.
  1. The continuation in the use of the property beyond the agreed term will be penalized daily at a rate of €2,000.00 (two thousand euros) per day, until the eviction of this occurs, accepting from this moment the client that all the damages caused to the Owner as a result of the delay in the eviction and delivery of the property within the agreed period will be borne by the Client.
  1. The Owner will not be liable for deficiencies in the supply of water and electricity if these depend on the entities supplying them. Nor will the owner be responsible for personal belongings, money, and other goods, brought to the rented house by the client, in case of theft, loss or deterioration.
  1. Both parties, waiving their jurisdiction if they had it, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Marbella for any matter claiming the agreement.
  1. Causes for termination of the agreement are the breach by any of the parties of any of the obligations stated.
  1. The client is especially obliged:
    1. Use the leased property only for what is stipulated, without being able to sublet, assign or transfer it in whole or in part, for consideration or free of charge.
    2. To comply with the prescriptions of the local authority and those of the internal regime of the community.
    3. Not to introduce flammable or combustible materials into the leased property, with the exception of gas bottles, which may be the cause of destruction or deterioration.
    4. To maintain the good condition of the property, including gas, electrical and air conditioning installations.
    5. Not to carry out any type of illegal events or parties in tourist accommodation, without prior written authorization from the owner. Nor is the organization of parties allowed as an economic activity without the relevant authorizations. In addition, it is forbidden for more people to stay than those stipulated upon booking, and agreed between both parties
  1. Failure to comply with the established obligations will result in the termination of the contract automatically and as a consequence the eviction of the dwelling object of the contract, with no obligation on the part of the owner to return the amounts paid, as well as the sanctions and/or penalties set out in the "Responsible Statement" document.
  1. All payments indicated will be made by bank transfer or deposits into the Villa Marina Properties S.A.U. account listed below:
Villa Marina Properties, S.A.U.
IBAN ES88 0075 3070 12 0600701155
Avenida Ricardo Soriano 36, 29600, Marbella, Spain
Payment in cash will not be accepted in accordance with current Spanish legislation, applicable to the matter.
  1. The agreement enters into force in the terms only after having received the full amount of the price agreed for the rental of the home.
  2. The property is available from 4:00 p.m. and must be vacated before 12:00 p.m. Any request to change the hours of arrival or departure from the property, prior notification to the Owner is required, and the Owner may notify the Client of a variation in the schedule for justified cause.
  1. The parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the area where the leased property is located and to the current Urban Leasing Law.
Check-in before 16:00 – 150€ (upon availability)
Check-out after 12:00 – 250€ (upon availability)
Extra bed: 50€ per person per night
Baby bed: Free of charge, upon request
Pets: Free of charge, upon request
Pool heating: Not Available
Cleaning services mid-stay are not included. Please contact us directly for pricing.