Booking terms & conditions

1. For the booking, the Tenant must leave a deposit of 50% percent of the total price at the time of booking, and the rest 50% percent of the rental price should be paid one (1) month before arrival.  Bookings made one (1) month or less prior to the arrival date will incur a 100% prepayment.
Once the Tenant has overdue payments corresponding to the total amount of the lease mentioned before, the deposit will not be returned, and the Agreement is cancelled.
All cancellations must be notified in writing by e-mail to Villa Marina Properties S.L. (,, or in advance.
If cancelled any time after making the reservation, the prepayment is non-refundable. Cancellations made one (1) month or less prior to the arrival date will incur a 100% charge of the total price.
The amount is deducted from the already paid amount and the remainder will be returned to the Tenant within 90 business days after the date of booking cancellation or by the termination of the Agreement. In case of not notifying the Landlord of the cancellation of the Agreement, the amount previously paid will not be returned.
If the villa you are booking is branded as a special offer, all cancellations will incur a 100% charge of the total price, regardless of the date on which the cancellation has been requested.
Any changes to the reservation are not admitted.
2. Upon this Agreement, the Tenant is responsible of the integrity of the Villa, the furniture and belongings found in the Villa from the day of arrival onwards. By signing the present Agreement, the Tenant is obliged to return every single item in the same conditions upon the termination of this Agreement. Should any problems arise with Landlord´s belongings, the Tenant is to compensate the Landlord.
It is expressly forbidden to execute any kind of building/refurbishment works in the property by the Tenant, as well as any substitution or replacement of any furniture and/or fittings.
The Tenant shall not require, from the Landlord or his representative, any further furniture or fittings.
In case that the Tenant needs any appliance, consult with the Landlord, and this will consider the need.
3. The property under lease shall be used exclusively as a temporary rental of an urban property.
4 Upon the act, the Tenant gives a copy of his Credit Card in concept of the guaranty and by the same act, he authorizes that in the case of any extra cost or damage to the property or the company, it will be charged on this credit card the corresponding amount to cover this matter as reflected in the present Contract. In this case, a withdrawal occurs only upon written agreements of both parties.
5 The consumption of electricity, during the term of the lease and according to the meters at the beginning and by the end of the lease term, the ordinary and extraordinary homeowner’s association fees, the IBI (Municipal Tax on real estate properties) and the other Municipal Taxes shall be paid by the Landlord, who will also pay the Basic Insurance of the property. Cleaning up before arrivals and after customers departures shall be paid by the Landlord.
6. The Tenant shall allow the Landlord and any employees sent by the Landlord, as the case may be, to access the property in order to supervise the property conservation and/or carry our any refurbishment if necessary.
7. Any expenses incurred as a result of any unclogging/ unblocking required shall be paid by the Tenant. No animals, either type or breed, are allowed in the property.
8. Continuing using the property beyond the agreed term shall be fined with 2,000.00 € (two thousand Euros) per day, until the property has been vacated, and the Tenant hereby accepts that he/she will be liable for any and all damages caused to the Landlord as a result of any delay in the vacating and delivering the property by the agreed date. This penalty may incur interest for late payment, as well as a penalty for loss of earnings that the Owner may suffer.
9. The Landlord will not be liable for any deficiencies in the water or electricity supplies if those deficiencies depend on the respective utility companies. Neither the Landlord liable for personal belongings, money and other goods brought to the rented premises by the Tenants in the event of theft, loss or damage.
10. Any breach by either party of any of their respective obligations under this Agreement will be a cause for the Agreement termination.
11. The parties’ addresses for notification purposes under this Agreement can be found on the heading of the present Agreement on the first page at "SPECIFIC CONDITIONS".
12. Should any issues or claims arise from the present Agreement, both parties, waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Marbella.
13. The Tenant specifically undertakes:
1 - To use the property under lease only with the purposes set out in the present Agreement, without sub-leasing, assigning or transferring it, either fully or partially, whether for free or for any valuable consideration.
2 - To comply both with the local authorities regulations and with the internal rules of the Homeowners´ association (HOA).
3 - By no means letting any damaging animals into the leased property, nor any inflammable or combustible material, except of the gas cylinders, that may cause any destruction or damage.
4 - Not to carry out any refurbishment works that may alter the structure or distribution of the leased property. Any intended refurbishment works shall be previously consented in written by the owner of the property, and granted the relevant municipal licenses and the approval by the president and administrator of the HOA. Any works carried out will remain in the benefit of the Landlord, and upon termination of the Agreement, the tenant will have no right of compensation as a result of such works.
5 - To keep in good conditions and maintain the property, including its gas, electrical and air/conditioning installations.
14. Any failure to comply with the obligations set out in the above fifteenth clause will mean the automatic termination of the Agreement and, as a consequence, immediate eviction of the Tenant from the leased property, plus the Landlord will have no obligation to return any amounts paid, as well as the sanctions and/or penalties set out in the "Responsible Statement" document.
15. All payments indicated in the present Agreement shall be made by bank transfer to:
Villa Marina Properties S.L. (Ltd.):
IBAN: ES88 0075 3070 1206 0070 1155
Bank Name: Banco Santander SA
Bank address: Avenida Ricardo Soriano 36, 29600, Marbella, España
Payments in cash will not be accepted in accordance with the current governmental regulations.
16. The Agreement takes effect on the terms stated in the clause SECOND and only after receiving amount of the total rental price.
17. The property will be available from 16:00 and must be vacanted before 12:00.
(If needed, the change of the arrival time or departure time could be arranged as soon as the Tenant notifies such request to the Administrator in advance).
Extra price:
Check-in before 16:00 – 150€ (upon availability)
Check-out after 12:00 – 250€ (upon availability)
Extra bed: 50€ per person per night
Pool heating (ask for availability) 50€ per day.
Cleaning with bedding and towels change 170€

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