Animal Parks


At Crocodile Park Torremolinos, you will find yourself in front of prehistoric monsters which have miraculously survived 200 million years of evolution. If your kids love wildlife, dinosaurs or the feeling of being immersed in a tropical rainforest, than this is the place for you.

When you arrive you are provided with a handy map advising you regarding how much time you should spend at each of the stations. The end of your journey can include a presentation (in English and Spanish) of the lives of these amazing creatures. You can even get an opportunity for the kids to take a photo with a baby croc in their arms!



See and hear dolphins, and observe whales in their natural habitat. In Gibraltar there are many resident dolphins and through the years they have come to recognize our unique boat, the Goldfin, and come to greet it as if it were an old friend! Established in 1969, the Original Dolphin Safari in Gibraltar is the longest running and most popular marine safari in Europe. Our brand new boat called GOLDFIN, 430 horse powers, is especially designed to watch dolphins and whales in the bay and Straits of Gibraltar. Strong, fast, modern, safe, with all the accommodation necessary inside and outside for one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable experience of your life.



The Antequera Donkey Sanctuary is a refuge for donkeys and mules with free entrance where you can ride and learn about the animals. Located 40 minutes from Malaga and 1.5 hours from Marbella. Set in the beautiful countryside of Antequera, El Refugio del Burrito, is a safe haven for maltreated donkeys and mules, rescued across Europe. Learn each animal´s story and meet them as you walk the grounds discovering how they are cared for. You can even sponsor one at the Visitor´s Centre. Nearby discover Flamingo Lake, which is famous for the fabulous colored flamingos that flock to it.




Lobo Park Antequera is a unique wolf park where you may find four of the most interesting wolf subspecies in the world. Located in Antequera about 1.5-2 hour drive from Marbella. Lobo Park Antequera is an unspoiled nature and wildlife park in the heart of Andalusia. This is a private wolf park where you may look at a wolf eye to eye for the first time in your life. Located in the heart of Andalucia, the 40-hectares of protected and untouched nature park has innumerable rare plant and animal species. Unlike other parks the wolves are socialized but not domesticated and live in a semi-natural environment. All enclosures have been set up with vast space as you usually don’t see in other animal parks.

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